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Bathroom Renovation cost in Dubai

Are you looking to Renovation  your bathroom in Dubai? And confused, that what would be the cost? So, your search ends here. We will be discussing important factor, point by point related to bathroom renovations in Dubai.

Important points to consider, prior to Bathroom Renovation

If you considering bathroom and toilet renovation, then you should consider following points:-
Renovating a bathroom in Dubai for apartment owners, you must consider, few things to be kept in mind. In general, it becomes mandatory to get a from building management and the concerned authority for that community.
because any civil work will make noise and it is always better to inform your neighbors about your planned renovation.
Modifications/ Relocation of existing sanitary ware – Usually for villas modifications are not difficult, but for the apartments the modification becomes difficult, because all the pipelines are going from 1 floor below neighbors apartment.
Hiring licensed contractor with Liability insurance, this will help you to overcome any major break down, happened during renovation.

Bathroom renovation
Luxurious Bathroom renovation in Dubai

Bathroom Renovation Trends 2024 by Bathroom remodeling company in Dubai.

Replacing the bathtubs with standalone showers is very common nowadays in the area. Usually, People replace old-fashioned bathtubs with standalone bathtubs.
Replacing small rectangular tiles with large format tiles or mega slabs
Replacing outdated wash basin and shower mixer with concealed mixers

Issues with redoing a portion of the Bathroom

When you only renovate the portion of your bathroom and toilet, the are high chances of Tiles mismatch because it is very difficult to source the same tiles.
How do we overcome such issues?
In this situation, we propose tiles/mosaics in contrast to other walls.Bathroom RenovationBathroom RenovationBathroom Renovation
Cost for converting the bathtub area to a standalone shower in Dubai

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