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Large Selection of Modern and Comfortable Sofa Beds at Design Furniture Dubai

At Design Furniture Dubai you will find modern and comfortable sofa beds in several different models, sizes and materials. We have, among other things, couch beds with cold foam filling or bonell springs. The covers are available in, among other things, durable polyester, cotton or microfibre. Get inspiration for your new sofa bed here on our website or visit your local Design Furniture Dubai store.

Modern Sofa Beds Combining Comfort and Practicality

Living in a hub like the UAE, we absolutely love turning any room into a spare guest bedroom at any time we have guests stopping over, and that is totally doable with our stylish and practical sofa beds! Without compromising comfort, our modern sofa beds at Design Furniture Dubai are exclusively designed with style and efficiency in mind.

At Design Furniture Dubai, we love the practicality and space-saving, especially when unaccounted last-minute visitors announce their stop in the UAE. Our comfortable pull out couches offer the practicality of everyday use while transforming an office space or a spare room into a guest bedroom.

Get Multiple Uses Out of One Piece of Furniture

Who doesn’t love to have a sofa by day that turns into a comfortable bed by night? At Design Furniture Dubai, we have a selection of 2 and 3-seater modern sofa beds, where you can choose your corner to be on the left or right corner depending on where you want to place it in your home.
As a bonus, most of our sofas have built-in storage for additional practicality. Our top seller VEJLBY sofas are designed for style, compact space, comfort, and practicality. We also have an easy adjustable flip-back function or reclining options. Come visit your nearest Design Furniture Dubai store in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or shop online.

Why Choose Design Furniture Dubai’s Modern and Comfortable Pull Out Couches

Our large selection of couch beds has been designed to resist daily use while remaining comfortable and stylish for years to come. All our sofa beds are made of high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, and they are simple to maintain and care for.
Whether you’re entertainingsofa beds dubai friends, relaxing with family, or spending a peaceful evening alone, our pull out couches easily adapt to your needs, offering diverse functionality without sacrificing design.

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